Have you given thought to your future? Would you like to have your family involved in protecting people while making an income? Environmental Solutions Association would like to help.

We have made this possible through your GI Bill! This means you and/or your family will be able to learn the top problems we are facing, indoor environmental concerns. You will learn how to inspect, test and make recommendations of what should be done in the indoor environmental field(s) you choose.

Environmental inspections and testing services are on the forefront. You can start your own business or apply the knowledge you learn in specific fields. The areas you can apply your services include but are not limited to; VA hospitals, VOQ or VEQ quarters maintenance, recreational facilities, public housing facilities, gymnasiums, doctors’ offices, universities, health care service facilities, day cares, property management companies, real estate transactions, construction companies, commercial buildings, restoration services, schools, hotel/motel maintenance, HVAC services and the general public.

By taking and successfully completing the course(s) and exam(s) listed in this section you will ensure a future in preserving people’s health through reimbursement from your GI Bill. Best of all it can be at your leisure.

Please click on one of the pictures or on the Online Course Listing to view what you will receive with each course. The course may come with actual testing and sampling devices that you can use on the jobs or even test your own home for FREE!

Also included for our military personnel when you purchase any of the listed courses, we will include at no extra cost an affiliate membership into ESA. This will help you in receiving product and equipment discounts, being listed on our referral map, help on/off jobsite with our board of advisors, staying up-to-date as the industry may change, and much more!